Legal Advice & Conveyancing – Windsor

With our offices in neighbouring St Kilda, Cheapest Conveyancing Company is proud to be a leading conveyancer for Windsor properties. We can assist buyers, sellers and subdividers in the preparation of all legal documents for the property transfer process, with our conveyancing services covering every step of proceedings – from before contract to after completion.

We Can Assist Buyers With:

  • Preparing and lodging all legal documents, including Contract of Sale and S.32 Vendor’s Statement
  • Researching the property, including checking for title, zoning, permits, etc.
  • Lodging your deposit
  • The First Home Owners Grant
  • Calculating your rates and taxes
  • Settling the property
  • Liaising with your bank or financial institution
  • Liaising with your vendor or agent

We Can Assist Sellers With:

  • Completing your legal documents such as the S.32 Vendor’s Statement, Contracts of Sale, Release of Deposit statement, and the Transfer of Land document.
  • Liaising with the bank or financial institution on your behalf
  • Liaising with the buyer on your behalf (e.g. responding to requests for extension dates, title queries, etc.)
  • The auctioning of your property

For more information on using us for conveyancing in Windsor, please call (03) 9534 6492